Friday, April 8, 2011

Bobbie Brown Eyeshadow Pallet

 I recently bought 4 pan pallet from Bobbie Brown. Along with purchased a shimmer wash shadow in Ivory and a matte shadow in Birch.  I popped out my much loved najavo and espresso. Completing my BB pallet. I love BB's shadows they're my HG. The colors are very flattering and there's a lot of subtle variations of colors. The shadows are highly pigmented with a soft velvety texture. Unlike many other pigmented shadows they are not prone to crumbing and fall down.

I've thought about getting a pallet for a while but it was hard to decide between 3, 4 or 6 pans. Originally I thought of getting a 6 pan: blush, 2 shimmer and 3 mattes. But after trying MUFE's HD Blushes I suddenly lost interest in all others. I decided to pair down my choices and get a 4 pan pallet. I love the size, it is very slick and portable. At the same time the shadows are a nice size and the mirror is huge.

"Ivory is a creamy white"
Ivory is the perfect bright shimmery ivory. It's very pigment without being powdery or chalky which is problem with alot of white shadows. Ivory is also bright without being stark. It's the most perfect shimmering white.

"Najavo is a creamy pinkish white"
It is a nearly white pinkish badge. When its applied to the lid, it evens out the skin tone without reading as a distinct shade.

"Birch is a soft brown"
Birch is a neutral midtone brown with the slightest hint of warmth. It's a great crease or eyebrow color.

"Espresso is a dark chocolate brown"
 Here I think the company descrition fits. It's a as close to black while still remaing brown. Espresso is great as a liner color

Summary - I find it really hard to find high quality matte shadow and I have yet to find an equal to these shadows.I am extremely satisfy with this purchase although it is an expensive purchase totaling in around $90. Which seems insane, but the colors suit me so well that I find it hard to do my makeup without reaching for this pallet. This is the kind of pallet that you would want to think very carefully about and definitely test out the colors in-store.


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