Sunday, July 11, 2010

The IMATS 2010 Experience

(If you post this picture on your site, We only ask that you credit us for taking this picture)
(The makeup Artist is Tuesday Coren and she won the Alice Theme Competition. We currently don't know the name of the model.)

There will be a follow up post on IMATS within the next week. 

Overall IMATS was definitely worth going and checking out. We just bought the single day exhibition hall pass. To us it wasn't worth it to get a full pass because we are just cosmetic enthusiasts or prosumers.  We're no professionals. Youtube and other online tutorials are good enough for us. IMATS is the most unorganized convention that we've been to. Most of the people that were in line were either confuse or hoped that they were in the correct line. The line went by very slow and the employee that were manning the lines were not very helpful in helping people to their appropriate line. IMATS is located in Pasadena even though the event said IMATS LA. It is a small convention center compare to other convention center like San Diego, LA, and Anahiem.
The Makeupforever line was insanely slow but the line was very well organized considering how many costumer that they had to process at a single time. We would advise you to check your order before you pay. We heard that some people got the wrong product when they were processing their transaction. We had a minor errors in our orders and we just told them that we were missing a blush and they were gladly to recheck our order and gave us our blush. Also, get here early or you won't get your product... Makeupforever line is the LONGEST line that you'll run into at IMATS.

With OCC cosmetics, we would advise you to get there early because due to the consistency of the lip tars and the pigmentation of the lip tars... about half way through the day the booth that had all the tubes would look like a two years old played with them and it would just look gross.

We would advise in making a wish list or researching the products or brands that you're interested in so you won't go to the event and be overwhelm and winding up getting stuff that you didn't intend. BUT once you get over the initial spending shock of how much you've spent.... you would regret not checking out some booth or some items that you might've wanted but was low on budget.

If you intend to go to IMATS next year... we would advise to make a TOP 10 or TOP 5 list to make sure that you would get those items.

We'll be updating on our haul later on. Anticipate some reviews!

(Give credit where credits are due)

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