Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nail Polish Rant- review & photos

After China Glaze the Up and Away I fell back in love with nail polish.I'm obsessed with creme nail polishes. I love the spring/summer nail trends. Pinky corals, pastels, mint greens and blues teals make me happy:) I bought  Heli-Yum, Sugar High, Something Sweet,Re-Fresh Mint, and Happy Go Lucky
(left to right)
. My favorite originally was Sugar High, it is a bright pink with a coral undertone. It was a little too coral for my skin tone(I'm very pale with yellow undertones). But I tried it on my cousin(tan skin) amazing! It looked like it should be bright beautiful young summery pink. My favorite now is Heli-Yum it's a raspberry red. It reads like a soft red on my skin and I love it. Re-Fresh mint is also lovely light minty green. I mainly use it on the tips as a colored french. Happy Go Lucky is bright yellow. I plan to use it more in the summer, currently I feel like softer colors. Something Sweet is the cool tone light pink almost a lilac. Not really my favorite.

From Maybelline's Sweet Thing collection I got Sweetie Pie, Bubble Pink,Pink Sophistication, Pie in the Sky,and Goody Plum Drop (left to right).  Sweetie Pie is my favorite coral shade. It's also a pastel version of Sugar High. I've also heard it's suppose to be a dupe for  MAC's Seasonal Peach. Bubble Pink is a true baby pink. It's more what I expected from Something Sweet. Pie in the Sky is some where in between a mid-tone blue and a light blue. I wish it was brighter or lighter. I plan on mixing it. Pink Sophistication is a bright blue tone pink in the same family as Bubble Pink. Goody Plum Drop is mid-tone lilac purple with micro shimmer. Sadly the brush in my bottle was messed up.

  I also bought a Revlon Nail Polish in Peach Smoothie. I thought is was going to be a pretty peach. I hated it so much I returned it. In the bottle it's nice, it goes on dull and strange pale orange.

Another disappointing color was OPI's My Private Jet I loved the color in bottle but it wasn't anything special swatched. I exchanged it for OPI's Mr and Mrs Mimosa a soft natural pink tone nude. I love it!!! It's the everything I wanted in a nude color. I also picked up two OPI reds Big Apple Red and Vodka & Caviar. Both reds are the same intense but  different undertones Vodka & Caviar is a blue tone while Big Apple Red is orange tone. I prefer Vodka & Caviar but both are nice.

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